Melt stress away with Tai Chi

All classes are temporarily suspended to comply with social distancing to help stop the spread of Coronavirus. Announcements will be made here, on Facebook and by email when the situation changes.

Normally classes are 1.5 hours and booked in blocks of six weeks for £50, starting on Tuesday 18 February 2020 at 6pm. See CLASSES for details. 

Take up Tai Chi and become healthier and more relaxed.

Shake off the strain of the rat race and take up a sport that you can keep doing for the rest of your life. Tai Chi Chuan is a great way to relax muscles you hadn’t even realised you’d been keeping tense.

This Chinese art teaches relaxation and exercises the body, while improving circulation and flexibility. Tai Chi teachings say that they also massage the internal organs and balance the body’s flow of energy. Thirty or forty minutes a day can bring noticeable benefits.

“The practitioner is like a river or ocean, continually flowing and rolling without end.”
Chang San-Feng Taiji Classic